Majbo-Hub is a B2B product designing company. We make visuals to help you explain your concept or idea to your client. Majbo-Hub is also connected with suppliers and architects to transform the concept or idea into reality.

Custom vehicle design

Building vehicles for exhibitions or events. It’s possible to create a vehicle based on an existing brand and model or we can build it from scratch. A blueprint of the vehicle will be created. Not all created cars can be road legal in Belgium, the Netherlands or France.

Exhibition design

Creating event designs by exploring the possibilities in 3D. Turn that blueprint from your event or exhibition stand in 3D. Get the correct style and mood by adding the dynamic lights and shadowmaps to any setting, this way we can close the gap between render and reality.

Architectural design

Creating new interior- or exterior designs by exploring the multiple possibilities in 3D. New designs are supported by an architectural plan and a detailed budget framework, this way it’s very easy to bring any concept to life. Please contact us for more information.

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Our daily activities are creating personal and custom designs on any platform. Get in touch to discover our latest possibilities to get that stunning ”look and feel” you are searching for.

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